Help us Spread the Word

We know pedophilia is a difficult and emotional topic, and we want the public to understand that the goal of this study is one we all share - to prevent sexual offences against children.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in reaching this goal. By spreading the word about our website and The Prevention Study, you are helping to prevent child sexual abuse in two ways:

  • Increasing the likelihood that someone with pedophilia will hear about our study and seek treatment before ever acting on this sexual interest. 
  • Educating the public about pedophilia to help reduce the stigma surrounding this mental illness. 

Less stigma makes it more likely that people with pedophilia will be comfortable enough to admit their problem and seek treatment before ever acting on this interest.

Reducing the stigma around pedophilia is one way we can all help prevent child sexual abuse!

The Prevention Study Posters

The following posters were designed to advertise The Prevention Study, and encourage men with a sexual interest in children to visit our website and consider seeking treatment in the SBC. The images and slogans used for these posters were selected with the help of SBC clients. Some posters have multiple versions; click on each image to see more, or download printable copies. 

Please feel free to display or share our posters with anyone who may benefit from visiting this website. When putting up posters, please make sure you first have permission from wherever you are posting them.


The Prevention Study Brochure

The research team has created a brochure that contains a summary of the information found on our website, including a description of The Prevention Study, and how to get treatment in the SBC without participating in research. It also provides details about the SBC, such as the types of treatments offered, the goals of treatment, the clinic's success rate, and client feedback.  

We encourage people to share this brochure with anyone who may find it helpful. 

The SBC information brochure is available here.

Free Resources for Healthcare Professionals 

We hope that healthcare professionals will also help us spread the word about The Prevention Study. This will increase the likelihood that people who need treatment for a sexual interest in children will hear about our program. 

In addition to posters and brochures, we have created business cards that encourage men with a sexual interest in children to visit our website and consider getting treatment.  

We would be happy to provide free copies of our posters, brochure, and business card to healthcare professionals willing to display and/or distribute them to patients who may find the information helpful. Please Contact Us for more information. 


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