Sexual interest in children is treatable. 

The Sexual Behaviours Clinic provides treatment for sexual interest in children,

regardless of whether a person has acted on this interest.

Together, we can all help prevent child sexual abuse.


Did you know?

  • Not everyone with a sexual interest in children commits sexual offences. Read more on our Myths & Realities page. 
  • The Sexual Behaviours Clinic can treat people with sexual interest in children before they act on this interest. Learn more on the Who We Are page.
  • Canada doesn't have "thought police". You can't be arrested for having sexual thoughts about children. Visit our Confidentiality page for more information. 
  • "Child Sexual Abuse is Preventable, Not Inevitable." Watch this short but informative TEDMED talk to learn more.
  • La Clinique des Comportements Sexuels offre également des traitements en français. Pour les services en français, cliquez ici. 

The Prevention Study

The Prevention Study aims to help men with a sexual interest in children get treatment before acting on this interest.


"There is help available. You do not have to suffer in silence. You are not alone." - SBC client

If you need help, please ask for it. 

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