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We understand that people may be nervous about seeking treatment for sexual interest in children or other problematic sexual interests/behaviours. Most of our clients feel that way when they first come to the Sexual Behaviours Clinic (SBC), but they quickly realize that they've come to the right place. To give you a more personal perspective, we asked clients attending group therapy to anonymously write down how they felt about the groups and their treatment in the SBC.

This is what they had to say... 

I wish I'd known about treatment sooner:

  • If I had known about this group I would never have went down the path I did.”
  • “It might have made a difference for me if I knew that there was a program available for people like me. Also, that there was a program that really, really worked!!"
  • “Incredible + informative. I wish I knew this group existed before I offended. It brings hope, guidance and change to my life and that of my loved ones.” 

Treatment really works:

  • “I thought group therapy might help me to learn how to control myself better, and it has, but I didn’t realize it could help make the urges go away. I don’t wake up with unhealthy urges anymore and I feel free and happy.”
  • “This group is awesome. It allows me the freedom to speak my mind & get the best feedback from those that can give me the best help. I leave here with insightful info & great recommendations.”
  • “First of all – the program works. There is no doubt about this…the SBC helps you find out what brought you to this point, but not in a judgmental way. There will be as much help available for you as you need.”
  • “Where the program really surprised me was how it showed me that I did and could have a future. With treatments, I could go on living a productive life. At first, this was hard to believe – now, I believe!”
  • “I was at the lowest point in my life when I first joined this group. I was considering suicide at the time. After almost 2 years in the group, I’ve seen a lot of success stories, and realize that I can be a success story as well.”
  • “I participate & attend the SBC group regularly and I am committed to an incredible medication that completely lowers my testosterone level. With these haven’t offended in over 13 years.”
  • “No need to be afraid anymore – there is help available.”

Groups are non-judgmental:

  • “No one will judge you and we are here to help you!” 
  • “The group allows me to discuss my problems and issues free of discrimination.” 
  • “[Group] really feels like an outlet, a comfortable place I can feel extremely supported, accepted and understood.” 
  • “This group is a place where people can talk without being judged. We can speak about our day to day lives and the problems we encounter. We can also get advice on how to deal with those problems.” 
  • “The relaxing atmosphere lends to being very comfortable and at ease with any discussion. I have not felt intimidated or embarrassed with any topic that is tabled. The expertise of the professionals is always appreciated.” 

You find out you're not alone:

  • “The group therapy sessions are so helpful as well. You find out that you’re not alone, and you see other guys succeeding. It becomes apparent that everyone can be a success, if they work at it.” 
  • “I like that the others in the group have dealt with some of the same issues I am dealing with, and have ideas and thoughts on how to solve issues I’m dealing with.”
  • “Having had very few friends with no external supports before coming here to groups, I was at a high level of risk for offending. Coming to groups has given me more confidence, and some basic tools to help me develop some better supports.” 
  • “Peer support, professional advice, people who are going through and struggling through the same things you are can be very encouraging and supportive. I do recommend this group.”
  • “I didn’t think they’d be able to help me but they did. I used to feel unlucky, and alone; now I feel healthy, strong, and I know I’m not alone.”
  • “I don’t think I could have made it without the groups. The main thing for me was to hear where others were in their lives and how they were doing good or bad. This helped me realize where I had been and how far I could go in the future.” 
  • “When you’re in a situation where you feel guilt and shame, it’s helpful to have others who have been through the same; you have a sounding board.”
  • “When you meet with others who want to change and do better with themselves, it makes it easier to make those changes come about.”
  • “Knowing that we are not alone, hearing other people speak about what they went through and how they dealt with situations helps others to do the same.”

Find out how you can get treatment for a sexual interest in children by participating in The Prevention Study, a research project being conducted in the SBC.

If you want to get treatment for a sexual interest in children or other problematic sexual interests/behaviours without participating in research, check out the Referrals page.

La Clinique des Comportements Sexuels offre des traitements en français pour divers intérêts sexuels problématiques. Pour les services en français, cliquez ici

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