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The research team is happy to answer questions about The Prevention Study or the treatments offered in the Sexual Behaviours Clinic (SBC). We know pedophilia is a difficult and emotional topic, and we want the public to understand that the goal of this study is one we all share - to prevent sexual offences against children. 

In the SBC, we work toward this goal by treating people with pedophilia so that they can lead happy, healthy lives without offending. But we also believe that everyone has a role to play in preventing child sexual abuse! This is why we want to help educate the public on the Myths & Realities about pedophilia - especially the fact that not all people with pedophilia commit sexual offences. 

By educating the public about pedophilia, we hope to reduce the stigma associated with this psychiatric disorder. Helping to reduce the stigma around pedophilia is one way that everyone can contribute to preventing child sexual abuse. Less stigma makes it more likely that people with pedophilia will be comfortable enough to admit their problem and seek treatment before offending. 

Healthcare Professionals

Click here if you are a student or professional working in the healthcare field and have questions regarding The Prevention Study or the assessment and treatment of pedophilia or other problematic sexual interests and behaviours. 

If you have a patient who needs a referral to the Sexual Behaviours Clinic, print out and complete a copy of our referral form.

If you want to help promote this study, visit our Spread the Word page for printable copies of our posters and brochure. Healthcare professionals can request free copies of our posters, brochure, and business card for distribution. 

Media Relations

Click here if you are a journalist who would like to contact the research team regarding interviews or other media involvement related to The Prevention Study, the Sexual Behaviours Clinic, or the treatment of pedophilia and other problematic sexual interests and behaviours.

You can also help Spread the Word about this study by sharing our posters and information brochure. 

General Public

Click here if you have questions about how you can help prevent sexual offences against children, by Spreading the Word about The Prevention Study and helping to reduce the stigma around pedophilia. You can also contact us if you believe someone you know has a sexual interest in children and you have questions on how you may be able to help this person seek treatment. 

Contact Us Anonymously 

Click here if you want to anonymously contact the research team about receiving treatment in the SBC (for pedophilia or other problematic sexual interests) or if you're interested in participating in The Prevention Study.  


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